Kirschbaum Consulting LLC was founded in 2006 to provide clients with valuable guidance when projects or contracts are not proceeding as anticipated and the stakeholder relationship is challenged.  Clients turn to us for concise financial and technical analyses to provide the detailed insight they need.  We utilize our team’s 25 plus years of experience to help a variety of clients in construction, government contracts and commercial disputes. Kirschbaum Consulting helps clients at every stage of a troubled contract, from assisting the executive team identify the root cause of cost overruns to preparing claims and testifying in the appropriate venue: mediation, arbitration or trial. Our expert team has assisted in the successful resolution of a broad range of disputes ranging from $2 million to more than $1 billion dollars in a variety of forums throughout the United States and internationally.

Kirschbaum Consulting LLC is proud to be involved in organizations committed to improving our community and industry.  Kirschbaum Consulting actively supports the following:


General Consulting

Assisting executive understanding of causes of project overruns and potential avenues for recovery.

Claim Analysis

Identifying, developing and/or defending against complex administrative, financial, and delay claims including disruption and acceleration.

Expert Testimony

Clear and concise explanation of complex financial and technical analyses to mediators, arbitrators, judges or juries.

Forensic Investigations

Investigating potential fraud including qui tam and other whistleblower allegations.